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Maximizing Your Outdoor Living Space

Maximizing Your Outdoor Living Space

To the rejoice of many, the Texas summer is far in the past and fall is now in full swing. With the new season Texans can enjoy slightly cooler temperatures and more time outdoors without having to worry about the blistering heat. Now is an ideal time to maximize your home’s outdoor space in order to make the most out of the season.

A well-equipped outdoor space can be a functional addition to any home and a great way to enjoy the outdoors, whether it be for the upcoming holidays, day-to-day family dinners, or regular get-togethers with friends. To ensure your space is ready for hosting, follow a few simple tips beforehand to guarantee comfort for guests and family alike.

Invest in Comfortable & Quality Furniture

Quality, comfortable furniture can go a long way toward making your space an inviting area. Try to select furniture made from heavy, durable materials that is able to resist weathering and withstand regular cleanings. Natural materials have an attractive appearance, but come with a litany of maintenance issues. Opt instead for newer synthetic materials, as they have the look and feel of natural materials but survive better in the elements. To ensure that your furniture is ready to go at a moment’s notice without needing to be cleaned beforehand, be sure to also purchase correctly fitting furniture covers as well.

Equip Your Space with Indoor Conveniences 

Ensure a smooth event by outfitting your outdoor space with similar amenities as you would indoors, especially if you have a kitchen or food prep area. A small storage space is all that is needed to keep separate sets of grilling utensils, serving dishes, and other food prep items handy and nearby. With a fully stocked outdoor space, hosts are able to interact and spend more time with guests without the hassle of having to run inside for missing supplies.

Ensure Comfort Despite the Weather

Even though fall brings slightly cooler temperatures, weather can still be an issue for your outdoor soiree. Use an umbrella or other shade producing element to ensure maximum comfort for your guests. Invest in a movable umbrella that can be adjusted depending on the need of the event for ultimate flexibility. Conversely, warm up with heat lamps, a fire pit or a fireplace to allow for use in colder temperatures.

Light Up the Night

The easiest way to extend the use of your outdoor space is by using it at night. Install a combination of landscape lighting and direct lighting over communal areas for ultimate flexibility. Add dimmer switches on both so you can customize the setup and create the perfect amount of ambiance. Also, aside from allowing extended use or your space, outdoor lighting helps to make your space safer for guests and your family by providing safety for walkways, staircases and grilling areas. 

Bring the Technology Outdoors 

Many people use the outdoors to unplug and relax, but be sure not to overlook technology in your space. A Bluetooth speaker system or hardwired outdoor sound system allows you to control music and set the tone of an event. Outdoor televisions and projectors are quickly becoming popular accessories as well, allowing you to further use your space for watching sporting events and movies if you are interested in turning your space into more of a second living room. And no modern space is complete without Wi-Fi either. Consider adding a range extender or router to allow guests to connect online. After all, it doesn’t count as a great party unless it gets shared on social networks.

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