Home Buying Tools
Home Buying Tools

Home Buying & Home Owning Tools

Purchasing your dream home has now been made easy with these buying tools!

Design Center

Find your style (it’s your house, after all!)

You now have access to Wilshire Homes design studio where you can select colors, cabinets, carpets etc. with the help of a professional designer.

Photo Gallery

Get a virtual tour of what your home could look like when it’s done!

As part of your amazing home buying tools, you also get to see floor plans of model homes. You can browse dozens of model homes in our photo gallery.

Financing Tools

Discover how much house you can buy in your available budget

Tell us your budget, and our financing tools will help you discover the perfect home in that price range. You can also use our home buying calculator to find out your monthly payments (this will just be an estimate).

Moving Checklist

Wilshire Homes Even Helps you Move!

Organization can lessen the stress of moving. Find out what should be done a month, a week and the day before the big date.

Mortgage Terms

Terms and Conditions Laid Out in the Simplest Language

There is no one-size-fits-all mortgage available on the market. Options are as diverse as the flooring choices. That is why we offer these practical tips to help you understand mortgage terms for your new home.

Insurance 101

Understand the Ins and Outs of Homeowner’s Insurance

There really is no need for discussion as to how vital insurance is for homeowners. However, there are different policies and packages out there, which can make things complex. Continue reading to understand homeowner’s insurance in more detail.


Submitting Requests for Warranty Has Never Been Easier!

After the closing date, we will send you an email with login details into “My MHI Home”, our new home owner portal. Using that, you can log onto our website at any time to:

  • Request Service - You can review your warranty and also request warranty service from the “Warranty Services” section.
  • Get Helpful Information on Home Maintenance

The “Caring for your Home Guide” gives you all the essential information on keeping your home thoroughly maintained.

Note: If you do not receive the login email after 5 days of your closing date, contact Customer Care immediately. Also remember that our site is secure, which means all your correspondence with us remains safe at all times.