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Is Your Home Moving Checklist Ready?

Congratulations on your upcoming move to a new home! Here’s what your moving checklist should look like:

2 months prior

    ·This is when you start determining what you plan to move into your new home and what you have to give away. Note that if you are going to a new school district, this is also a good time to have records transferred to the new school.

    ·While most people start looking for moving companies a few days before they plan to move, we believe that you should start shopping around 6 to 8 weeks before the actual process. This will give you enough time to research the credibility of each company and also get quotes from different movers so you know what the market average is.

    ·A helpful tip is to dedicate a binder for moving where you can organize all your inventory, receipts, and estimates in one location.

6 weeks prior

After creating moving checklists, it’s time for some action!

    ·Get your supplies ready (boxes, tape etc.)

    ·Give away, use up, or dispose of items that are not relocating with you

    ·If the situation warrants it, you should arrange for the temporary storage of items, by renting at a self-storage facility.

One month prior

If you shopped around for estimates, now is the time to select a moving company. A lot of paperwork needs to be done at this point, such as:

    ·Informing banks, utility companies and other concerned parties about your change of address

    ·Transfer health records to new clinics (if necessary)

    ·Fill out the change of address form. This can be done online at usps.gov or at your local post office

You should also start packing right away. This should be done in 3 stages:

    ·Some boxes should be set aside which will have all the items you will need on the moving day. These include tools, chairs, utensils etc.

    ·Some boxes will also need to be set aside for your personal items such as jewelry and paperwork. It is ideal that you move them personally.

    ·The other boxes will have the rest of the items. Make sure that you clearly label each box to avoid any hassle later on.

Two weeks prior

    ·Close out any safety deposit boxes that you have, unless of course you are not changing banks.

    ·It is also wise to confirm details with the moving company one more time.

    ·If you have any flammable items like paint, propane, gas, etc., you should properly discard those as well.

One week prior

    ·If there is any general packing left, complete it now. Make sure you have enough clothes packed in suitcases to wear for several days ahead.

    ·This is also a good time to refill your prescription medication.

A few days prior

    ·Finish or dispose off what is in the fridge

    ·Give the moving company another call and provide directions. Discuss payments.

    ·Keep some cash on hand for tipping, etc.

Moving day

    ·Before the trucks begin to load, do a final round-up of your home to see if anything still needs to be done. Also, leave a forwarding address for the new residents.

    ·The last thing that needs to be done is for the beds to be dismantled and loaded onto the trucks.

    ·Before the movers leave, sign the bill of lading/inventory list and keep a copy for your records. Happy moving!

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