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Why Choose Wilshire Homes?

The question should rather be, why not choose Wilshire Homes? Wilshire Homes is known for its innovative designs, which are not only stunning but also highly functional. Our home designs are customizable, which means you can create a home that is best suited for your family’s needs. This unique combination of highly modified floor plans, comfortable living, and beautiful designs is exactly what sets Wilshire Homes apart from its competitors.

House Smart & Energy Efficient

Wilshire Homes is the undisputed leader in building green homes in Texas. Our company has created a strict Eco Smart platform to ensure environment-friendly homebuilding techniques as well as energy efficiency. Nevertheless, these stringent building standards not only provide a significant reduction in energy bills, but also result in a home that is a lot more comfortable, environment-friendly, and healthier. To know more about Wilshire’s Eco Smart building program, please click here!.

Customer Satisfaction Is Top Priority

Wilshire Homes prioritizes customer satisfaction! We work hard and dedicatedly to ensure our customers are walked step-by-step throughout the homebuilding process. As such, clients usually commend the extensive knowledge, thorough attention to detail, timely communication, and overall friendliness of Wilshire’s building and sales teams. All these are reasons why our company has such a high customer recommendation rating, which presently is at 98%!

Even after construction, Wilshire continues our relationships with clients to ensure homeowners are content and satisfied with their new homes! Being a new-home builder, our company also pledges to constantly discover ways to enhances services, performance, and products tirelessly. Please click here to read our clients testimonials about Wilshire Homes.

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